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Wed Nov 24 17:19:18 UTC 2010

#1068: Build history pickles are perpetually re-upgraded
Reporter:  exarkun  |       Owner:       
    Type:  defect   |      Status:  new  
Priority:  major    |   Milestone:  0.8.3
 Version:  0.8.2    |    Keywords:       
Changes (by dustin):

  * type:  undecided => defect
  * milestone:  undecided => 0.8.3


 as for knowing that sub-objects have been updated:

 11:13 <+exarkun> Bummer.  There's a thing... it's gross though
 11:14 <+exarkun> twisted.persisted.styles.versionedsToUpgrade is a dict
 11:14 <+exarkun> If there's stuff in it, there's objects to be upgraded
 11:14 <+exarkun> and styles.doUpgrade will reset it to empty
 11:15 <+exarkun> So you can sort of guess that it being non-empty after
 you call pickle.load means you should rewrite that pickle
 11:15 <+exarkun> it could also mean that someone else previously loaded an
 old pickle and they /didn't/ call doUpgrade
 11:16 <+exarkun> So if you missed a doUpgrade call somewhere, you might
 end up rewriting stuff you don't have to
 11:16 <+exarkun> otoh that's just a bug to be fixed by adding the
 necessary doUpgrade call

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