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Fri Nov 12 03:10:27 UTC 2010

#1056: handle encodings of change_files properly
Reporter:  dustin       |       Owner:  dustin  
    Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new     
Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  0.8.3   
 Version:  0.8.2        |    Keywords:  encoding
 This can mean one of two things:

  1. store them as unicode, requiring all changesources to handle any
 necessary decoding (e.g., using {{{sys.getfilesystemencoding()}}} or a
 config variable)
  1. store them as bytestrings

 The first option is consistent, but may trip up users who do not use a
 single filesystem encoding, or who have filenames that are otherwise not
 valid.  Changesources could deal with this using {{{bytestring.decode(enc,

 The second option is more general, but has a similar problem when trying
 to display the non-ASCII characters.  Worse, in fact, as any context for
 that filename is gone!

 So I think that we should implement the first option.

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