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#1034: REQ: Fossil support
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 The steps in my master.cfg are all ShellCommands atm. While this is
 perfectly satisfactory, I would like to see support for the tools I use,
 notably Fossil (and CMake, but one thing at a time).

 Although Fossil works perfectly well with Buildbot in a ShellCommand
 ("fossil update"), I would like to see tighter Fossil integration so that
 we might do something like:

 src = s(source.Fossil,
         user="nobody", // nobody has very few rights
         password="", // nobody does not actually need to log in
         sync="update", // nobody can only do a one-way sync

 and I wouldn't need to go around cloning and opening beforehand on all my
 buildslaves. (For the above example to work, I think user nobody needs
 "clone" permission.)

 Fossil is a source code management (SCM) tool for Windows, Linux, BSD and
 pretty much any other platform with a C compiler. A Fossil repo is a
 SQLite3 database. Fossil has no build requirements except a C compiler and
 is a single executable binary on all platforms.

 I know certain parts of the source code very well, so feel free to ask. I
 have submitted a patch to add post-push hooking to Fossil (so we can do a
 "buildbot sendchange" server-side). I'm hoping my patch will make it into
 the main branch.

 In usage, it is a lot like DARCS. (In fact there is a wiki page
 specifically for users migrating from DARCS because the basic usage is so

 Please see http://www.fossil-scm.org/ for more information on Fossil.

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