[Buildbot-commits] buildbot ChangeLog,1.902,1.903

Brian Warner warner at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Aug 7 23:41:07 UTC 2007

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[project @ add max_builds= to BuildSlave, thanks to Dustin Mitchell. Closes #48.]

Original author: warner at lothar.com
Date: 2007-08-07 23:40:12+00:00

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RCS file: /cvsroot/buildbot/buildbot/ChangeLog,v
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diff -u -d -r1.902 -r1.903
--- ChangeLog	7 Aug 2007 20:23:46 -0000	1.902
+++ ChangeLog	7 Aug 2007 23:41:05 -0000	1.903
@@ -1,5 +1,23 @@
 2007-08-07  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>
+	* buildbot/buildslave.py (BuildSlave.__init__): add max_builds=,
+	which imposes a per-slave limit on how many builds are allowed to
+	run simultaneously. This has a the same scope than the SlaveLock,
+	but is different because max_builds= gives the buildmaster the
+	freedom to assign the build to a different slave, whereas the
+	SlaveLock doesn't get tested until after the build is irrevocably
+	assigned to a slave. Therefore using max_builds= will improve
+	utilization in the presence of multiple buildslaves that are
+	attached to the same Builder. This completes the incorporation of
+	Dustin Mitchell's patches, and closes ticket #48. Thanks Dustin!
+	* buildbot/process/builder.py (SlaveBuilder.buildFinished): when
+	any Builder finishes, potentially trigger *all* Builders, since
+	max_builds= may have stalled someone else while waiting for the
+	slave.
+	* buildbot/scripts/sample.cfg: mention max_builds=
+	* buildbot/test/test_run.py (ConcurrencyLimit): test it
+	* docs/buildbot.texinfo (Buildslave Specifiers): document it
 	* buildbot/test/test_run.py (CanStartBuild._do_test2): tests which
 	inherit from RunMixin do not need to call master.stopService()
 	themselves, since RunMixin.tearDown does that. The double call

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