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 slightly more efficient but also consume more memory on each end, and
 there is a hard-coded limit of about 640kB.
+The @code{mode=} argument allows you to control the access permissions
+of the target file, traditionally expressed as an octal integer. The
+most common value is probably 0755, which sets the ``x'' executable
+bit on the file (useful for shell scripts and the like). The default
+value for @code{mode=} is None, which means the permission bits will
+default to whatever the umask of the writing process is. The default
+umask tends to be fairly restrictive, but at least on the buildslave
+you can make it less restrictive with a --umask command-line option at
+creation time (@pxref{Buildslave Options}).
 @node Writing New BuildSteps,  , Transferring Files, Build Steps
 @subsection Writing New BuildSteps

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