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Sun Aug 6 21:14:46 UTC 2006

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[project @ add Manhole .ssh/config suggestion, update NEWS file]

Original author: warner at lothar.com
Date: 2006-08-06 21:14:00

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 2006-08-06  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>
+	* NEWS: summarize recent changes
+	* docs/buildbot.texinfo (Debug options): suggest an .ssh/options
+	clause to avoid the "host key mismatch" warning
 	* buildbot/process/step_twisted.py (Trial.start): if the
 	buildslave is too old to understand logfiles=, fall back to
 	running 'cat _trial_temp/test.log' like before.

Index: NEWS
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--- NEWS	23 May 2006 16:49:07 -0000	1.55
+++ NEWS	6 Aug 2006 21:14:44 -0000	1.56
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 User visible changes in Buildbot.
+* Release ?.?.? (?)
+** new features
+*** full Perforce support
+SF#1473939: large patch from Scott Lamb, with docs and unit tests! This
+includes both the step.P4 source-checkout BuildStep, and the changes.p4poller
+ChangeSource you'll want to feed it. P4 is now supported just as well as all
+the other VC systems. Thanks Scott!
+*** SSH-based Manhole
+The 'manhole' feature allows buildbot developers to get access to a python
+read/eval/print loop (REPL) inside the buildmaster through a network
+connection. Previously, this ran over unencrypted telnet, using a simple
+username/password for access control. The new release defaults to encrypted
+SSH access, using either username/password or an authorized_keys file (just
+like sshd). There also exists an unencrypted telnet form, but its use is
+discouraged. The syntax for setting up a manhole has changed, so master.cfg
+files that use them must be updated. The "Debug options" section in the
+user's manual provides a complete description.
+*** LogObservers
+BuildSteps can now attach LogObservers to various logfiles, allowing them to
+get real-time log output. They can use this to watch for progress-indicating
+events (like counting the number of files compiled, or the number of tests
+which have run), and update both ETA/progress-tracking and step text. This
+allows for more accurate ETA information, and more information passed to the
+user about how much of the process has completed.
+The 'Trial' buildstep has been updated to use this for progress tracking, by
+counting how many test cases have run.
+*** Multiple Logfiles
+BuildSteps can watch multiple log files in realtime, not just stdout/stderr.
+This works in a similar fashion to 'tail -f': the file is polled once per
+second, and any new data is sent to the buildmaster.
+This requires a buildslave running 0.7.4 or later, and a warning message is
+produced if used against an old buildslave. Use "logfiles={'name':
+'filename'}" to take advantage of this feature from master.cfg, and see the
+"ShellCommand" section of the user's manual for full documentation.
+The 'Trial' buildstep has been updated to use this, to display
+_trial_temp/test.log in realtime.
+** new documentation
+What classes are useful in your master.cfg file? A table of them has been
+added to the user's manual, in a section called "Index of Useful Classes".
+A number of pretty diagrams have been added to the "System Architecture"
+portion of the manual, explaining how all the buildbot pieces fit together.
+** bugfixes
+SF#1398174: ignore SVN property changes better, fixed by Olivier Bonnet
+SF#1452801: don't double-escape the build URL, fixed by Olivier Bonnet
+SF#1401121: add support for running py2exe on windows, by Mark Hammond
+reloading unchanged config files with WithProperties shouldn't change anything.
+All svn commands now include --non-interactive so they won't ask for
+passwords. Instead the command fails if it cannot be performed without user
+Deprecation warnings with newer versions of Twisted have been hushed.
+** compatibility
+I haven't actually removed support for Twisted-1.3.0 yet, but I'd like to.
+The step_twisted default value for --reporter matches modern Twisteds,
+though, and won't work under 1.3.0.
+ShellCommand.flunkOnFailure now defaults to True, so any shell command which
+fails counts as a build failure. Set this to False if you don't want this
+** minor features
+contrib/darcs_buildbot.py contains a new script suitable for use in a darcs
+Hovering a cursor over the yellow "Build #123" box in the Waterfall display
+will pop up an HTML tooltip to show the reason for the build. Thanks to Zandr
+Milewski for the suggestion.
 * Release 0.7.3 (23 May 2006)
 ** compatibility

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