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prepare for release

	* README: update for 0.7.0
	* NEWS: same
	* docs/buildbot.texinfo: move the freshcvs stuff out of the README

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@@ -2087,6 +2087,38 @@
 @end table
+ at heading Example
+To set up the freshCVS server, add a statement like the following to
+your @file{freshCfg} file:
+ at example
+pb = ConfigurationSet([
+    (None, None, None, PBService(userpass=('foo', 'bar'), port=4519)),
+    ])
+ at end example
+This will announce all changes to a client which connects to port 4519
+using a username of 'foo' and a password of 'bar'.
+Then add a clause like this to your buildmaster's @file{master.cfg}:
+ at example
+BuildmasterConfig['sources'] = [FreshCVSSource("cvs.example.com", 4519,
+                                "foo", "bar",
+                                prefix="glib/")]
+ at end example
+where "cvs.example.com" is the host that is running the FreshCVS daemon, and
+"glib" is the top-level directory (relative to the repository's root) where
+all your source code lives. Most projects keep one or more projects in the
+same repository (along with CVSROOT/ to hold admin files like loginfo and
+freshCfg); the prefix= argument tells the buildmaster to ignore everything
+outside that directory, and to strip that common prefix from all pathnames
+it handles.
 @node CVSToys - mail notification, Other mail notification ChangeSources, CVSToys - PBService, Change Sources
 @subsection CVSToys - mail notification

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