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Mon Oct 24 03:48:02 UTC 2005

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Creator:  Brian Warner <warner at lothar.com>

update NEWS file a little bit

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--- ChangeLog	23 Oct 2005 06:10:07 -0000	1.527
+++ ChangeLog	24 Oct 2005 03:47:59 -0000	1.528
@@ -1,3 +1,7 @@
+2005-10-23  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>
+	* NEWS: update
 2005-10-22  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>
 	* buildbot/status/html.py (HtmlResource): incorporate valid-HTML

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--- NEWS	3 Sep 2005 19:50:17 -0000	1.45
+++ NEWS	24 Oct 2005 03:48:00 -0000	1.46
@@ -54,6 +54,53 @@
 Instructions for developers who want to use 'try' (and the configuration
 changes necessary to enable its use) are in the user's manual.
+** Build-On-Branch
+When suitably configured, the buildbot can be used to build trees from a
+variety of related branches. You can set up Schedulers to build a tree using
+whichever branch was last changed, or users can request builds of specific
+branches through IRC, the web page, or the CLI 'buildbot force' subcommand.
+The IRC 'force' command now takes --branch and --revision arguments (not that
+they always make sense). Likewise the HTML 'force build' button now has an
+input field for branch and revision. Your build's source-checkout step must
+be suitably configured to support this: for SVN it involves giving both a
+base URL and a default branch. Other VC systems are configured differently.
+** Multiple slaves per Builder
+You can now attach multiple buildslaves to each Builder. This can provide
+redundancy or load-balancing among many machines equally capable of running
+the build. To use this, define a key in the Builder specification dictionary
+named 'slavenames' with a list of buildslave names (instead of the usual
+'slavename' that contains just a single slavename).
+** minor new features
+The IRC and email status-reporting facilities now provide more specific URLs
+for particular builds, in addition to the generic buildmaster home page. The
+HTML per-build page now has more information.
+The Twisted-specific test classes have been modified to match the argument
+syntax preferred by Trial as of Twisted-2.1.0 and newer. The generic trial
+steps are still suitable for the Trial that comes with older versions of
+Twisted, but may produce deprecation warnings or errors when used with the
+latest Trial.
+** bugs fixed
+DNotify, used by the maildir-watching ChangeSources, had problems on some
+64-bit systems relating to signed-vs-unsigned constants and the DN_MULTISHOT
+flag. A workaround was provided by Brad Hards.
+The web status page should now be valid XHTML, thanks to a patch by Brad
+Hards. The charset parameter is specified to be UTF-8, so VC comments,
+builder names, etc, should probably all be in UTF-8 to be displayed properly.
+** creeping version dependencies
+The IRC 'force build' command requires python2.3 (for the shlex.split
 * Release 0.6.6 (23 May 2005)

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