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update for 0.6.4

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--- ChangeLog	26 Apr 2005 03:44:41 -0000	1.19
+++ ChangeLog	28 Apr 2005 08:21:10 -0000	1.20
@@ -1,3 +1,147 @@
+2005-04-28  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>
+	* buildbot/__init__.py (version): Releasing buildbot-0.6.4
+	* debian/changelog: update for 0.6.4
+2005-04-28  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>
+	* README.w32: add a checklist of steps for getting buildbot
+	running on windows.
+	* MANIFEST.in: include it in the tarball
+	* NEWS: update
+	* buildbot/master.py (BuildMaster.upgradeToVersion3): deal with
+	broken .tap files from 0.6.3 by getting rid of .services,
+	.namedServices, and .change_svc at load time.
+2005-04-27  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>
+	* NEWS: update in preparation for new release
+	* buildbot/test/test_config.py (Save.testSave): don't pull in
+	twisted.scripts.twistd, we don't need it and it isn't for windows
+	anyway.
+	* buildbot/changes/changes.py (ChangeMaster.saveYourself):
+	accomodate win32 which can't do atomic-rename
+2005-04-27  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>
+	* buildbot/test/test_run.py (Disconnect.testBuild2): crank up some
+	timeouts to help the slow metabuildbot not flunk them so much
+	(Disconnect.testBuild3): same
+	(Disconnect.testBuild4): same
+	(Disconnect.testInterrupt): same
+	* buildbot/master.py (BuildMaster.loadChanges): fix change_svc
+	setup, it was completely broken for new buildmasters (those which
+	did not have a 'change.pck' already saved. Thanks to Paul Warren
+	for catching this (embarrassing!) bug.
+	(Dispatcher.__getstate__): don't save our registered avatar
+	factories, since they'll be re-populated when the config file is
+	re-read.
+	(BuildMaster.__init__): add a dummy ChangeMaster, used only by
+	tests (since the real mktap-generated BuildMaster doesn't save
+	this attribute).
+	(BuildMaster.__getstate__): don't save any service children,
+	they'll all be re-populated when the config file is re-read.
+	* buildbot/test/test_config.py (Save.testSave): test for this
+2005-04-26  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>
+	* buildbot/buildbot.png: use a new, smaller (16x16) icon image,
+	rendered with Blender.. looks a bit nicer.
+	* buildbot/docs/images/icon.blend: add the Blender file for it
+	* buildbot/slave/commands.py (ShellCommand._startCommand): prepend
+	'cmd.exe' (or rather os.environ['COMSPEC']) to the argv list when
+	running under windows. This appears to be the best way to allow
+	BuildSteps to do something normal like 'trial -v buildbot.test' or
+	'make foo' and still expect it to work. The idea is to make the
+	BuildSteps look as much like what a developer would type when
+	compiling or testing the tree by hand. This approach probably has
+	problems when there are spaces in the arguments, so if you've got
+	windows buildslaves, you'll need to pay close attention to your
+	commands.
+	* buildbot/status/html.py (WaterfallStatusResource.body): add the
+	timezone to the timestamp column.
+	* buildbot/test/test_web.py (WebTest.test_waterfall): test it
+	* buildbot/scripts/runner.py (loadOptions): do something sane for
+	windows, I think. We use %APPDATA%/buildbot instead of
+	~/.buildbot, but we still search everywhere from the current
+	directory up to the root for a .buildbot/ subdir. The "is it under
+	$HOME" security test was replaced with "is it owned by the current
+	user", which is only performed under posix.
+	* buildbot/test/test_runner.py (Options.testFindOptions): update
+	tests to match. The "is it owned by the current user" check is
+	untested. The test has been re-enabled for windows.
+	* buildbot/test/test_slavecommand.py (Shell.checkOutput): replace
+	any "\n" in the expected output with the platform-specific line
+	separator. Make this separator "\r\n" on PTYs under unix, they
+	seem to do that and I don't know why
+	* buildbot/test/test_runner.py (Options.optionsFile): disable on
+	windows for now, I don't know what ~/.buildbot/ should mean there.
+	* buildbot/test/test_run.py (BuilderNames.testGetBuilderNames):
+	win32 compatibility, don't use "/tmp"
+	(Basedir.testChangeBuilddir): remove more unixisms
+2005-04-26  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>
+	* buildbot/test/test_control.py (Force.rmtree): python2.2
+	compatibility, apparently its shutil.rmtree ignore_errors=
+	argument is ignored.
+	* buildbot/test/test_run.py (Run.rmtree): same
+	(RunMixin.setUp): same
+	* buildbot/test/test_runner.py (make): python2.2 has os.sep but
+	not os.path.sep
+	* buildbot/test/test_twisted.py (Parse.failUnlessIn): 2.2 has no
+	'substring in string' operator, must use string.find(substr)!=-1
+	* buildbot/test/test_vc.py (Patch.failUnlessIn): same
+	* buildbot/test/test_web.py (WebTest.failUnlessIn): same
+	* buildbot/scripts/runner.py (loadOptions): add code to search for
+	~/.buildbot/, a directory with things like 'options', containing
+	defaults for various 'buildbot' subcommands. .buildbot/ can be in
+	the current directory, your $HOME directory, or anywhere
+	inbetween, as long as you're somewhere inside your home directory.
+	(debugclient): look in ~/.buildbot/options for master and passwd
+	(statuslog): look in ~/.buildbot/options for 'masterstatus'
+	* buildbot/test/test_runner.py (Options.testFindOptions): test it
+	* buildbot/status/client.py (makeRemote): new approach to making
+	IRemote(None) be None, which works under Twisted-2.0
+	* buildbot/test/test_status.py (Client.testAdaptation): test it
+	* buildbot/status/builder.py (Status.builderAdded): when loading a
+	pickled BuilderStatus in from disk, set its name after loading.
+	The config file might have changed its name (but not its
+	directory) while it wasn't looking.
+	* buildbot/process/builder.py (Builder.attached): always return a
+	Deferred, even if the builder was already attached
+	* buildbot/test/test_run.py (Basedir.testChangeBuilddir): test it
+2005-04-25  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>
+	* buildbot/status/words.py (IrcStatusBot.buildFinished): fix a
+	category-related exception when announcing a build has finished
+	* buildbot/status/html.py (StatusResourceChanges.body): oops, don't
+	reference no-longer-existent changemaster.sources
+	* buildbot/test/test_web.py (WebTest.test_waterfall): test for it
+	* buildbot/__init__.py (version): bump to 0.6.3+ while between
+	releases
 2005-04-25  Brian Warner  <warner at lothar.com>
 	* buildbot/__init__.py (version): Releasing buildbot-0.6.3

Index: NEWS
RCS file: /cvsroot/buildbot/site/NEWS,v
retrieving revision 1.5
retrieving revision 1.6
diff -u -d -r1.5 -r1.6
--- NEWS	26 Apr 2005 03:44:41 -0000	1.5
+++ NEWS	28 Apr 2005 08:21:13 -0000	1.6
@@ -1,5 +1,66 @@
 User visible changes in Buildbot.
+* Release 0.6.4 (28 Apr 2005)
+** major bugs fixed
+The 'buildbot' tool in 0.6.3, when used to create a new buildmaster, failed
+unless it found a 'changes.pck' file. As this file is created by a running
+buildmaster, this made 0.6.3 completely unusable for first-time
+installations. This has been fixed.
+** minor bugs fixed
+The IRC bot had a bug wherein asking it to watch a certain builder (the "I'll
+give a shout when the build finishes" message) would cause an exception, so
+it would not, in fact, shout. The HTML page had an exception in the "change
+sources" page (reached by following the "Changes" link at the top of the
+column that shows the names of commiters). Re-loading the config file while
+builders were already attached would result in a benign error message. The
+server side of the PBListener status client had an exception when providing
+information about a non-existent Build (e.g., when the client asks for the
+Build that is currently running, and the server says "None").
+These bugs have all been fixed.
+The unit tests now pass under python2.2; they were failing before because of
+some 2.3isms that crept in. More unit tests which failed under windows now
+pass, only one (test_webPathname_port) is still failing.
+** 'buildbot' tool looks for a .buildbot/options file
+The 'statusgui' and the 'debugclient' subcommands can both look for a
+.buildbot/ directory, and an 'options' file therein, to extract default
+values for the location of the buildmaster. This directory is searched in the
+current directory, its parent, etc, all the way up to the filesystem root
+(assuming you own the directories in question). It also look in ~/.buildbot/
+for this file. This feature allows you to put a .buildbot at the top of your
+working tree, telling any 'buildbot' invocations you perform therein how to
+get to the buildmaster associated with that tree's project.
+Windows users get something similar, using %APPDATA%/buildbot instead of
+~/.buildbot .
+** windows ShellCommands are launched with 'cmd.exe'
+The buildslave has been modified to run all list-based ShellCommands by
+prepending [os.environ['COMSPEC'], '/c'] to the argv list before execution.
+This should allow the buildslave's PATH to be searched for commands,
+improving the chances that it can run the same 'trial -o foo' commands as a
+unix buildslave. The potential downside is that spaces in argv elements might
+be re-parsed, or quotes might be re-interpreted. The consensus on the mailing
+list was that this is a useful thing to do, but please report any problems
+you encounter with it.
+** minor features
+The Waterfall display now shows the buildbot's home timezone at the top of
+the timestamp column. The default favicon.ico is now much nicer-looking (it
+is generated with Blender.. the icon.blend file is available in CVS in
+docs/images/ should you care to play with it).
 * Release 0.6.3 (25 Apr 2005)
 ** 'buildbot' tool gets more uses

Index: index.html
RCS file: /cvsroot/buildbot/site/index.html,v
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diff -u -d -r1.38 -r1.39
--- index.html	26 Apr 2005 09:08:58 -0000	1.38
+++ index.html	28 Apr 2005 08:21:13 -0000	1.39
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
 Current contents:
-  <li>The current release is buildbot-0.6.3 . You can download the source
+  <li>The current release is buildbot-0.6.4 . You can download the source
   from the sf.net download page <a
   The release is signed with my GPG public key, available <a
@@ -129,5 +129,5 @@
      align="right" />
-<!-- hhmts start -->Last modified: Tue Apr 26 01:53:46 PDT 2005 <!-- hhmts end -->
+<!-- hhmts start -->Last modified: Thu Apr 28 01:19:22 PDT 2005 <!-- hhmts end -->
 </body> </html>

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