[Buildbot] #3654: Terrible performance of builders page (was: Really stark performance regression at startup and later on)

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#3654: Terrible performance of builders page
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 So, this after re-install. I still have relatively terrible performance. I
 learned how to debug with Chrome and F12, looking at Network tab, and I
 noticed, that for every build there is a query made like this:


 Since I have quite a bunch of those, hitting the servere with a total of
 144 requests including these, makes things terribly slow. The last of
 these requests finishes after 2.5s, keeping the browser busy with
 incremental rendering.

 Therefore re-opening.

 The contents of the response is of course very boring, since I only have a
 single master:


 I am not even sure where this information would be displayed, but I get
 the sense, that the builder is only displayed after this response arrives.
 But instant rendering could be done.

 The loading time of 4s for the page, given that this now runs on s m2 SSD,
 dual core ARM, and 2G RAM, is pretty much in line with my previous
 experience. The system now can handle more parallel queries, but this is
 really too much.


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