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Tue May 10 20:36:39 UTC 2016

#3551: Add filter to web UI
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Comment (by dank):

 I don't know that 'fuzzy' is important.  More like 'any filtering at all'
 or 'category filtering' are useful for looking at your little corner of a
 huge system.

 Here's an example: in https://gitlab.com/explore/groups, let's say you're
 in projects with black in the name.  Put black in the filter box and bob's
 your uncle;
 it takes you to https://gitlab.com/explore/groups?search=black
 which is a nice, fast, filtered view of the same stuff.

 (Speaking of filtering, where do tags nee categories fit in here?  That
 same search box should accept tags, and there should be Tags link in the
 nine UI on the left...?  I may be missing something.)

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