[Buildbot] #3546: MasterShellCommand ends up in exception

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Mon May 9 18:19:58 UTC 2016

#3546: MasterShellCommand ends up in exception
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Comment (by gracinet):

 I have a systematic reproduction on the current Git master, simply by
 putting a `MasterShellCommand` in the sample configuration

 This bug is not present in 0.9.0b8
 The culprit is this (from `buildbot.process.buildstep.py`, in the `run()`

             self._start_deferred = None
             unhandled = self._start_unhandled_deferreds
             self._start_unhandled_deferreds = None

         # Wait for any possibly-unhandled deferreds.  If any fail, change
         # result to EXCEPTION and log.
         if unhandled:
             unhandled_results = yield defer.DeferredList(unhandled,

 what happens here is that there are unhandled `Deferred` needing to be
 taken care of, but one of them triggers the call to `_catchup()` which
 leads to the traceback because `self.step._start_unhandled_deferred` is
 now `None`.

 I'm not really aware of the changes that occured since 0.9.0b8 and could
 explain this, but at this point, isn't it simpler to rewrite
 `MasterShellCommand` as a new-style buildstep ?
 If I understand correctly, the `run()` base method is the compatibility

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