[Buildbot] #3547: get rid of public_html

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Sun May 8 01:21:26 UTC 2016

#3547: get rid of public_html
Reporter:  rutsky     |      Owner:
    Type:  undecided  |     Status:  new
Priority:  major      |  Milestone:  0.9.0
 Version:  master     |   Keywords:
 AFAIK `public_html` is not used anymore in 0.9.

 * Don't create `public_html` in `buildbot create-master`.
 * Update/remove documentation regarding `public_html`.
 * Document in "migration to nine" guide that `public_html` was removed and
 provide possible solution to get similar functionality working with 0.9
 (use third party HTTP server for serving static files, e.g. nginx?)

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