[Buildbot] #3498: Nine nextSlave API change

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Wed Mar 23 10:53:02 UTC 2016

#3498: Nine nextSlave API change
Reporter:  gracinet   |      Owner:
    Type:  undecided  |     Status:  new
Priority:  major      |  Milestone:  0.9.+
 Version:  0.9.0b7    |   Keywords:
 Apparently ```nextSlave``` API changed for Nine, and that's not a problem
 per se

 This can be really puzzling for migrated instances, because

 * errors is silently swallowed
 * it is not mentioned in

 The result for a migrated instance is that buildrequests will be added,
 yet no actual build will start, no error shows up anywhere. It's not been
 easy for me to figure that out (eliminating network issues, db issues,
 then heavy use of pdb in ```buildconfigdistributor.py```

 Seen on 0.9b7, code in current master is identical

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