[Buildbot] #3493: Use PBR and pip tools to simplify setup.py and dependency management?

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Sat Mar 19 18:37:26 UTC 2016

#3493: Use PBR and pip tools to simplify setup.py and dependency management?
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Comment (by rutsky):

 While PBR idea sounds great it's very "opionistic" solution.

 It handles too much stuff automatically and doesn't allow to customize it
 (by design).

 For example:

 1. PBR will generate CHANGELOG out of commits history. But we already have
 well formatted release notes with detailed list of //important// changes
 (and strictly speaking it's mutable — we fix typos in it, deprecated
 links, etc, which is impossible with git commit log).

 2. PBR will generate AUTHORS out of commits history. Buildbot was
 previously hosted in other VCS, I think, and I'm not sure what mess will
 be there. Even if we manage to get proper list, will we be able to add
 people who is not inside commits history? Also I'm not sure how PBR
 determines main author of package (who will be author in `setup.py`): I
 think it does it by looking at author of most of commits, which is bad
 heuristics (I'm already on the
 [https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/graphs/contributors second place] by
 commits, but I'm definetely not even close to be "Buildbot author").

 I tried to use PBR in one of my projects and decided that it's too much of
 a hassle to get result that I would like.
 IMO, pbr is good for small projects that //not yet// care of how they look
 like, when PBR produces significantly better result than plain project
 without any meaningful configuration in `setup.py`.

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