[Buildbot] #3402: Default MailNotifier object missing fromaddr

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Tue Jan 5 21:55:41 UTC 2016

#3402: Default MailNotifier object missing fromaddr
Reporter:  gtmacdonald  |      Owner:
    Type:  defect       |     Status:  new
Priority:  major        |  Milestone:  0.9.+
 Version:               |   Keywords:
 I'm getting the following with a single master with missing slaves
 (haven't turned them on yet):

 2016-01-05 13:21:36-0800 [-] buildslave-missing msg using default
 2016-01-05 13:21:36-0800 [-] Unhandled Error
         Traceback (most recent call last):
           File "C:\TrionBuildbot\python\lib\site-
 packages\twisted\application\app.py", line 392, in startReactor
             self.config, oldstdout, oldstderr, self.profiler, reactor)
           File "C:\TrionBuildbot\python\lib\site-
 packages\twisted\application\app.py", line 313, in runReactorWithLogging
           File "C:\TrionBuildbot\python\lib\site-
 packages\twisted\internet\base.py", line 1192, in run
           File "C:\TrionBuildbot\python\lib\site-
 packages\twisted\internet\base.py", line 1201, in mainLoop
         --- <exception caught here> ---
           File "C:\TrionBuildbot\python\lib\site-
 packages\twisted\internet\base.py", line 824, in runUntilCurrent
             call.func(*call.args, **call.kw)
           File "C:\TrionBuildbot\python\lib\site-
 packages\buildbot\buildslave\base.py", line 317, in _missing_timer_fired
             return self._mail_missing_message(subject, text)
           File "C:\TrionBuildbot\python\lib\site-
 packages\buildbot\buildslave\base.py", line 532, in _mail_missing_message
             m['From'] = st.fromaddr
         exceptions.AttributeError: 'MailNotifier' object has no attribute

 The odd thing is I have setup a mail notifier which worked with eight but
 isn't being detected in _mail_missing_message as indicated by the "using
 default" message. This is with 0.9.0b5

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