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Fri Aug 19 20:11:26 UTC 2016

#3596: Multiple services of same type not working properly
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Priority:  major     |  Milestone:  0.9.+
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 I tried to configure my buildbot installation to use multiple services,
 but I found that, if given a list of services of the same type, only the
 last service in the list takes effect. For example, in the below code:

 a = MailNotifier(...)
 b = MailNotifier(...)
 c['services'] = [a, b]

 Only service b will actually get registered. Tracing through the code this
 is due to line 757 in config.py, in which services are indexed by name:

 self.services[_service.name] = _service

 However, each service of the same type gets the same name (in this case,
 just "MailNotifier"). In my own code, I have done a workaround of manually
 assigning the "name" property to each service to something unique before
 setting c['services']. After that, things seem to be working properly.

 There's a number of ways to resolve this issue, such as not indexing by
 name, automatically generating unique names, or forcing the user to set a
 name. As I'm new to the buildbot codebase, I don't know which way is most
 appropriate, but I wanted to mention the behavior, as it's very confusing
 and required in-depth code reading/debugging to root-cause. Nothing gets
 mentioned in the logs, as the other services in the list are silently

 Note that I'm using the latest pip version: 0.9.0rc1.


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