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Sat Apr 23 01:47:57 UTC 2016

#3533: API request handling failure
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Comment (by rayalan):

 It also happens with building periodically (via rebuild). Problem is in
 line 196 in buildbot/db/changes.py where the line should read `if change
 and change['changeid'] != (toChanges.get(cb) or {}).get('changeid'):`
 rather than the current `if change and change['changeid'] !=
 toChanges.get(cb, {}).get('changeid')`

 There are a couple ways that the codebase can set to None (such as the
 `toChanges[cb] = {'changeid': None}` line on 192), and the line just
 errors out when those are hit.

 I'm working on a patch; the fix is much easier than proving it with a unit
 test change.

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