[Buildbot] #3529: Add warning in trigger step if collapseBuild=True for the target builder

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Tue Apr 19 17:00:04 UTC 2016

#3529: Add warning in trigger step if collapseBuild=True for the target builder
Reporter:  tardyp       |      Owner:
    Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
Priority:  major        |  Milestone:  0.9.0
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 as per discussion

 @djmitche> #topic collapseBuildRequest=False by default
 18:41 <@djmitche> now, what WAS the topic
 18:42 <@tardyp> collapseBuildRequest=True right now
 18:42 <@djmitche> I shouldn't be allowed on irc
 18:42 <@tardyp> and this does not play well with triggered build
 18:42 <@tardyp> So people which use trigger step will all have the problem
 (I did 4 years ago)
 18:42 <@tardyp> and ed did this week
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 18:43 <@tardyp> I would recommend to put it False by default, and to let
 people set it to true when they need to optimize
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 18:43 <@djmitche> changing a default is pretty ugly though
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 18:44 <bb-github> [buildbot] mention-bot commented on issue #2141: By
 analyzing the blame information on this pull request, we identified
 @tomprince, @djmitche and @rutsky to be potential reviewers
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 18:44 <@djmitche> is it possible to just disable it with triggered builds?
 18:45 <@djmitche> my worry is, changing the default is pretty subtle, and
 will change behavior even for people not using triggered builds
 18:45 <@tardyp> I tried to fix it that way, but there is no real way to be
 sure that a build is comming from a trigger step (from within the colapse
 18:45 <cmouse> tardyp: i'm using the buildbot reporter myself, and it
 mostly works
 18:45 <@tardyp> it will change the optimisation
 18:45 <cmouse> tardyp: the only thing that is not working is that it's not
 reporting start of build
 18:45 <@tomprince> The trigger scheduler could annotate the BR.
 18:45 <cmouse> tardyp: i have no idea why it's not doing it :(
 18:45 <@tardyp> while for people using trigger step, it just skip builds
 18:46 <@djmitche> ^^ even as a temporary hack, I think that makes sense
 18:46 <myheadhurts> So I'm running into the following issue:
 http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/3528 and I'm thinking of approaching the
 fix in the following way: https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/pull/2141
 18:46 <myheadhurts> Would love any feedback on the approach
 18:47 <@tardyp> ok. So we change the True behaviour to : compatible
 sourcestamps *and* not coming from a Trigger step
 18:47 <@djmitche> #info build request collapsing and triggered builds do
 not get along well -- triggered builds end up skipped
 18:47 <@tardyp> I'm fine with that too.
 18:47 <@djmitche> tardyp: I think so -- that's even a good medium-term fix
 (since it sounds like this is architectural, not just a bug)
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 18:47 <bb-trac> [trac] #3528/undecided (new) updated by rutsky (Related
 PR: https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/pull/2141)
 18:48 <@djmitche> #agreed will configure collapsing to skip triggered
 builds by annotating the triggered builds
 18:48 <@tomprince> If people want collapsing builds, then it isn't clear
 that skipping triggered builds isn't desired behavior.
 18:48 <@djmitche> myheadhurts: without looking deeply at the PR, I'm
 really happy to see you working on the latent worker support :)
 18:48 <@bdbaddog> so if you have multiple triggered builds waiting, they
 would no longer be collapsed?
 18:48 <@tardyp> tomprince: I dont see a usecase where people would like to
 skip triggerred build
 18:49 <@djmitche> a skipped triggered build has weird semantics if
 18:49 <@djmitche> or whatever that parameter is
 18:49 <@bdbaddog> yes.. deadlock..
 18:49 <@tardyp> well no deadlock
 18:49 <@tomprince> If you have a multi-stage build pipeline, but only care
 about results on the latest commit, if several triggers happen before the
 triggered build runs, there isn't a reason to run the earlier triggers.
 18:49 <myheadhurts> djmitche: Hopefully soon (once company approves it)
 I'll have a PR for upgrading boto2 -> boto3 and handling cross-account
 support for AWS. :)
 18:50 <@djmitche> oo, very nice!
 18:50 <@djmitche> so regarding collapsing and triggering -- it sounds like
 this is something we should defer until 0.9.x
 18:50 <@bdbaddog> parent build would hang forever if triggered build gets
 18:50 <@tomprince> Probably doesn't make sense in the waitForFinish case
 (at least when that is being used for synchronization not just reporting).
 18:50 <@djmitche> right
 18:50 <@tomprince> Doesn
 18:51 <@tomprince> t it just wait for the buildrequest to be completed,
 which does happen for collapsed requests?
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 18:51 <@tardyp> yes
 18:51 — @tomprince can't remember the code, but seems to recall that was
 how things worked
 18:51 <@tardyp> you will just see 4 builds when you awaited 8
 18:52 <@tardyp> because the colapsing dont create build, it directly skips
 the br
 18:52 <@tardyp> and that is fine with the waiting logic in trigger step,
 as it only waits for a complete event of the br
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 18:53 <bb-github> [buildbot] tomprince commented on issue #2141: I don't
 think this a correct fix. I think the intent of `build_wait_timeout == 0`
 is that the worker will only run a single build. I don't think this change
 preserves that behavior. https://git.io/vws81
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 18:54 <@tardyp> it actually waits for the buildset
 18:54 <@djmitche> so how badly broken is it right now?
 18:54 <@djmitche> It sounds like it works, it's just not the semantics
 you're expecting
 18:54 <@djmitche> as in, you're expecting every triggered build to
 actually occur, and instead they get collapsed
 18:55 <@tardyp> well you start 8 builds with trigger, you have no idea
 what collapsing is, and eventually you get 4 builds, and buildbot seems
 18:55 <@tardyp> that is for me very weird for a new commer
 18:55 <@tardyp> build request collapsing should for me be an advanced
 feature, that new commers should not be aware of
 18:56 <@tomprince> I think that not collapsing is probably a slightly
 better default, but it isn't clear wether it is enough better to warrant
 *changing* the default.
 18:56 <@djmitche> right
 18:56 <@djmitche> we're already changing so much other stuff
 18:56 <@djmitche> I think we should leave this be for now
 18:56 <@tomprince> Given the experience of python 3, that seems
 18:57 <@tomprince> If you want to change the default, a slightly better
 option might be to deprecate having a default at all, and then remove the
 18:57 <rutsky> can we somehow warn user that he might get not what he
 18:57 <rutsky> or add appropriate warning in docs?
 18:57 <@tardyp> that is a good idea
 18:57 <@tomprince> That seems sensible.
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 18:58 <bb-github> [buildbot] aelsabbahy commented on issue #2141: Hmm,
 that's definitely not what I want then. Since it's very important for us
 that we only have single use workers.... https://git.io/vws4o
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 18:58 <@tardyp> in the trigger step, if the triggered builder has True in
 collapse, we warn in the stdio
 18:58 <@djmitche> that sounds good
 18:58 <cmouse> should write a trac issue about OpenStackLatentWorker not
 always killing the worker.
 18:58 <@tardyp> with link to the doc

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