[Buildbot] #3520: use fine grained require for twisted modules in setup.py

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Wed Apr 13 17:03:28 UTC 2016

#3520: use fine grained require for twisted modules in setup.py
Reporter:  reddot                     |       Owner:
    Type:  defect                     |      Status:  closed
Priority:  major                      |   Milestone:  0.8.x
 Version:  0.8.12                     |  Resolution:  wontfix
Keywords:  pip twisted setup require  |
Changes (by tom.prince):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => wontfix


 I think most people that aren't using a distro-packaged buildbot install
 it in a virtualenv. Given that the subpackages have never been installable
 from pypi are no longer provided in recent releases of twisted, I don't
 think this is an issue that is possible or desirable to fix.

 In addition, the next major version of buildbot depends on at least
 twisted 14.0.

 If you do want to install directly on an old distro that is using split
 packages, you could tell pip to ignore dependency (`pip install --no-deps
 buildbot`), presuming you've installed them by hand.

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