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#2977: A web-plugin to manipulate the config ? +
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 I'd like to propose a design for this under GSOC'15 .I will be proposing
 formally too , but i'd like to know your thoughts beforehand .

 As of i envision a XML file  to store the parameters. The web UI will
 interact with the XML to set new values . Then we can use XSLT or lxml to
 create a new master.cfg .

 Advantages :
 1. Multiple XML files can be created to corespondent to different
 configurations .
 2. To share current buildbot config , a XML file can be simply mailed .
 3. It allows for the master.cfg to edited by hand if needed and does not
 interfere with the current workflow , a person can simply choose to ignore
 this feature if needed .


 1. Power users who want to radically modify buildbot using custom code ,
 will not prefer using a web ui  .

 2 . This is aimed at users who just want to add or edit  builders,
 factories , slave details , poller details , and status targets .

 Drawbacks :

 1. Those using custom master.cfg files will not be able to use this , as
 this will generate an monolithic master.cfg .

 Conclusion :This is a simple interim solution that can be expanded . Start
 simple and build on it .

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