[Buildbot] #2878: Windows escaping seem to produce problems

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#2878: Windows escaping seem to produce problems
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Priority:  major    |   Milestone:  0.9.+
 Version:  0.8.9    |  Resolution:
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Comment (by JustAMan):

 That is completely untrue :) subprocess could spawn as much processes at a
 time as you need - just don't do .call() or .wait() unconditionally after

 Why I'm asking this is that subprocess handles quoting and stuff
 internally and is widely-tested given it's included in Python standard
 library, so IMHO it's much better to rely on this functionality rather
 than write some code that you cannot even test good enough since you lack
 Windows resources...

 I see some more bugs that I think all could be resolved by switching to
 subprocess (at least on Windows).

 P.S. Moving to Job Objects is a bad choice since there could be no nested
 Job Objects, and you cannot guarantee that a program you launch isn't
 using Job Objects inside.

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