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#3234: Metrics support for Buildbot
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Description changed by sa2ajj:

Old description:

> This ticket supersedes #2459 (no Data API support) and includes #2461.

New description:

 This ticket supersedes #2459 (no Data API support) and includes #2461.

 As we aim to have projects that can delivery something complete and
 useful, I'd
 see the scope of "Graphs and Data Charts Projecet" to include:

 * identify what kind of metric "entities" need to be ipmlemented beside
   that already exist and implement them
 * implement a way to store metrics in an external metrics storage (my
   inclination would be InfluxDB)
 * identify what kind of metrics we'd like to produce (entities (e.g.
   parts of them (e.g. steps), etc); propose a naming scheme and list of
   "missing" functionality for metric generation (if any)
 * implement metric generation in the agreed order (this will be agreed
   the list in the previous step is produced)
 * use an existing metric visualisation tool to see metrics for a test
 * deploy the whole thing for nine.buildbot.net

 An additional bonus (whatever it is :)) -- porting to wiki:Eight


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