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Sun Jul 5 01:51:22 UTC 2015

#3302: [nine] Changes not populating correctly
Reporter:  joeholley  |      Owner:
    Type:  defect     |     Status:  new
Priority:  major      |  Milestone:  0.9.0b1
 Version:  master     |   Keywords:  changes, changelists
 I've encountered an issue with build not (apparently) pulling the correct
 changelist from the database in the latest 0.9.0b1 (commit
 5a5ed84848fd78aab99d1f40804645c423afae27).  My primary triggering
 mechanism is using a PBChangeSource() and sending changes using the
 'buildbot sendchange' commandline.

 I've attached a basic master.cfg that assumes a single linux slave, and a
 bash script of two 'buildbot sendchange' commands to cause this
 configuration to exhibit the problem.  To reproduce:

 1. Start a buildbot master using the attached master.cfg.
 1. Connect a single linux slave (name: 'slave', pw: 'slavepasswd') that
 also has buildbot installed.
 1. Run the attached 'broken.sh' shell script from the master.  It issues
 two 'buildbot sendchange' commands: these kick off 'job1' and 'job2'
 schedulers.  Both of these schedulers only do two things:
  i. Print out their properties (for debugging)
  i. Run a 'buildbot sendchange' command kicking off the 'broken'
 scheduler, with identical revision/category/repository/branches, but
 different values for the custom property 'myproperty'
 1. 'job1' and 'job2' will both be triggered, and each will both trigger a
 'broken' build.
 1. Open the webUI, and navigate to 'broken' builder's builds '1' and '2'
 (kicked off by 'buildbot sendchange commands from 'job1' and 'job2'
 1. Navigate to the changes tabs for these two jobs. Note that:
  i. Build 1 of 'broken' shows two changes in its changelist:
    1. The 'buildbot sendchange' from 'broken.sh' that kicked off 'job1',
    1. The 'buildbot sendchange' command run by 'job1' to kick off 'broken'
 build 1.
  i. Build 2 of 'broken shows no changelists at all!  However, it WAS
 kicked off, and apparently grabbed the changelist from the 'buildbot
 sendchange' run by 'job1' to kick off 'broken' build 1 - you can verify
 this by looking at the only step in 'broken' change 2, which lists all the
 properties the build got - including the custom property 'myproperty',
 which has the value set by the 'buildbot sendchange' run by 'job1' to kick
 off 'broken' build 1.

 Expected results (which I was able to achieve with 0.8.12) are each broken
 build getting the changelist (and only the changelist) that triggered its
 build, and therefore having the custom properties sent with the triggering
 'buildbot sendchange' command available to the build.

 Let me know if I can provide any more help.

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