[Buildbot] #2915: Stale SVN repository version being used by builder

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Mon Sep 22 17:29:09 UTC 2014

#2915: Stale SVN repository version being used by builder
Reporter:  raphael  |      Owner:
    Type:  defect   |     Status:  new
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 After running buildbot for periods of time (days), stale SVN repository
 version are being used by the builder instead of most recent ones.
 Assuming Repository A is broken and Repository B is not, the bug manifests
 itself in this way:

 1. SVNPoller stops detecting new changes for Repository A (ie code changes
 to repository A no longer trigger builder)
 2. When Repository B triggers a new build (ie via a code change), stale
 version for Repository A gets used instead of most recent.

 Workaround for #1 is to restart the master process.  When there is a new
 code change to Repository A, the SVNPoller starts detecting changes and
 checks out correct repository version.

 Above workaround does not work for issue #2.  Stale versions of Repository
 A will continue to be used until there is a change to Repository A that
 triggers a build.

 It seems buildbot is getting wedged into a bad state and there is no easy
 way to get it out.  In the environment, codebases are used to so that
 SVNPoller can monitor the SVN external repositories.  This is being tested
 on buildbot version 0.8.10-pre (could not find this version in the drop
 down menu).

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