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#2906: Check the situation w/ HTML logs
Reporter:  sa2ajj            |      Owner:
    Type:  enhancement       |     Status:  new
Priority:  patches-accepted  |  Milestone:  0.8.x
 Version:  0.8.9             |   Keywords:
 Relevant part of IRC chat starts at

 As a basis, the http://pastebin.com/4Wh9DBux was used (attached).

 Ended up with:

     def setupLogfiles(self, cmd, logfiles):
         for logname,remotefilename in logfiles.items():
             if self.lazylogfiles:
                 # Ask RemoteCommand to watch a logfile, but only add
                 # it when/if we see any data.
                 # The dummy default argument local_logname is a work-
 around for
                 # Python name binding; default values are bound by value,
                 # captured variables in the body are bound by name.
                 callback = lambda cmd_arg, local_logname=logname:
 self.addHTMLOrTextLog(local_logname, remotefilename)
                 cmd.useLogDelayed(logname, callback, True)
                 # tell the BuildStepStatus to add a LogFile
                 newlog = self.addHTMLOrTextLog(logname, remotefilename)
                 # and tell the RemoteCommand to feed it
                 cmd.useLog(newlog, True)

     def addHTMLOrTextLog(self, logname, remotefilename):
             if ( remotefilename.lower().endswith( ".html" ) ):
                 html = ""  # addHTMLLog requires html arg, but in this
 case, the actual contents are being added from the slave later.
                 newlog = self.addHTMLLog(logname, html)
                 # tell the BuildStepStatus to add a LogFile
                 newlog = self.addLog(logname)
             return newlog

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