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Sun Sep 7 20:07:40 UTC 2014

#2847: Set up ftp.buildbot.net
Reporter:  dustin   |       Owner:  verm
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Comment (by jollyroger):

 True, GnuPG client cannot sign files remotely, however there are several
 ideas on how to overcome the problem:

  * Nightly/continious package builds can be signed with an "Automatic
 Signing Key". To add such repository one would want add `deb
 http://ftp.buildbot.net/debian nightly` line to `/etc/apt/sources.list`
  * Actual releases could be signed remotely using sshfs: you just mount
 remote mirror directory somewhere and perform "reprepro export". This
 should work fine for a small repository such as ours. I use this approach
 on a regular basis and this does not take a lot of time to execute since
 only meadata is read remotely (*.dsc, *.changes). Users could add `deb
 http://ftp.buildbot.net/debian stable` to their sources.list in this case.

 I've got some changes to PBuilder buildbot step that will give more
 control on the build process and will allow to implement some interesting
 packaging scenarios (like self-made PPA based on buildbot and repository
 manager, when the software is uploaded source only and buildbot builds all
 possible architectures and uploads binary packages to the same
 repository). There are some improvements to rpmbuild step as well.

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