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#2820: SSL is the future!
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Comment (by jollyroger):

 I am running startssl.com certificates on my company's services and pretty
 much satisfied with them. One of the key differences that make them
 interesting to me is that they charge you during validation. This means
 you could actually pass validation once and then issue as many
 certificates as you need. One important note here is that you'll be
 charged $25 if you send a revocation request. But there is no limitations
 on the number of domains or certificates, only that CN should be unique.

 To actually be able to get wildcard certificates(issued only to the
 organization) you pass Personal Validation (see
 http://www.startssl.com/?app=34) and Organiztion Validation (see
 http://www.startssl.com/?app=35). Both cost $60 but since I already have
 an account there, I could get a $30 discount that'll beat most CAs on
 price. This gives you a possibility to issue any number of the
 certificates you could ever need. Also, such certificates are valid for 3
 years, not 1 year as usual. I could also ask support if there could be a
 discount for an open source project.

 Since our clients are financial organizations I can tell these guys will
 remove most CAs they haven't heard personally, so only some major market
 players are available for them (corporate software setup in financial
 organizations is something that makes me feel very bad).

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