[Buildbot] #2953: GitPoller Not Triggering Builds on New Branches

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Mon Oct 20 15:51:17 UTC 2014

#2953: GitPoller Not Triggering Builds on New Branches
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 I'm not sure if this was covered by the original purpose of the Pollers,
 but it'd be really helpful it was.

 My company implements a process where we create and commit to branches in
 a very small time frame. This has become problematic with automatic builds
 through BuildBot because the GitPoller will not trigger an automatic build
 of a new branch. It is only when a branch that's already been polled gets
 a new change that the scheduler will consider that commit.

 For example, let's say a user creates a local only branch from master
 called master+POC44, makes a commit to the master+POC44 branch, and then
 pushes the POC44 branch to the remote. BuildBot will not pick up that
 commit and trigger a build through a scheduler configured to look for
 branches starting with master+POC.

 The only way around this problem that I know is for a user to create the
 branch locally AND on the remote, wait till BuildBot has polled the
 branch, and THEN make and push a commit. In that case, once BuildBot picks
 up the commit, a build would be triggered.

 This is a rare problem for users at my company because the GitPoller is
 set to run every two minutes, meaning they'd have to create the branch
 locally AND on the remote, and make and push a commit in under two minutes
 for the scheduler to ignore their change.

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