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#2947: Agree what constitutes a release
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Comment (by dustin):

 From the metabuildbot config:
     for name, workdir, command in [
             ('buildbot', 'build/master', 'sdist'),
             ('buildbot-slave', 'build/slave', 'sdist'),
             ('buildbot-pkg', 'build/pkg', 'sdist'),
             ('buildbot-www', 'build/www/base', 'bdist_wheel'),
             ('buildbot-console-view', 'build/www/console_view',
             ('buildbot-waterfall-view', 'build/www/waterfall_view',
             ('buildbot-codeparameter', 'build/www/codeparameter',

 So basically, Angular apps are shipped as wheels, while Python apps are
 shipped as sdists.

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