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#2855: Use a configuration-management system
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Comment (by ewong):

 I've looked at Ansible, Chef, cfEngine and puppet. (by look, I literally
 look - via docs.. I've only had a miniscule tidbit experience with Ansible
 and puppet).

 Ansible is the only cms that doesn't require anything to be installed on
 hosts, aside for ssh.  (Windows support, however, is in beta stage,
 Windows support on chef and cfEngine seem to be 'good' and puppet works as

 Ansible is in python. chef and puppet are in ruby. cfengine is in C.
 (dunno if it's relevant to the issue here).

 Puppet is 'proven' to work (ask Dustin :) ).

 AIUI, all configuration changes would be just pushed to a central repo,
 the main 'master' machine would poll and update hosts accordingly.

 Maybe set up a test environment to try out all four?

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