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 Health Act which in 1972 gave used General Medical Service Scheme that
 really transform the delivery and availability of medicines for the public
 an ardent up to then curiously the availability of medicines was released
 to local authorities and two dispensaries and doctors who practiced in
 dispensaries and that were owned by local authorities at which is a very
 unsatisfactory system for the public in having access to medicines 1972
 changes that act completely as a General Medical Service Scheme there’s a
 lot of medicines available for the first time to the Irish public
 Rotations really common age in terms all health care delivery and that
 really transforms pharmacy because suddenly the amount of medicines and
 don’t have been used by the public is enormous doctors roles change they
 become really prescribe medicines and pharmacists become dispenses have
 medicines don't no longer manufacturing them dam big scale manufacturers
 core making those medicines and so the roar of the pharmacist changes to
 the current stage but the pharmacist or has again change dash of caregiver
 patient care ok what has affected that change was affected that change is
 dash medicines as we know have really transformed and changed the Irish
 alcohol but they've also brought with them risks and managing those wrists
 and managing the side effects and encouraging adherence has become a very
 big priority and the pharmacists the right person to do that with their
 expertise and so pharmacies now have consultation rooms they're engaged
 assume love you will to see evening in.


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