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 RM Apartness like I N A and so any information that you want or need in
 terms of getting additional details on a these products obviously continue
 to work with your eye on a teacup from our viewpoint you happy absolutely
 perfect partner forth future will I and II to access all these top quality
 programs %uh that you're going to need to meet the needs of your clients
 right as we move forward together here so again we greatly appreciate your
 time this morning and at any questions or things that may surface for mass
 from will be what we circle back with Mike and his team to make sure that
 to you get the information you may need to you hopefully ideally move
 forward and master recording and selling some of these products we do have
 one question here we do have one question aired Dan are you still with me
 I area one person out here how does the critical illness and actor
 compared to an half lacked or colonial policy yeah great question I our
 program are built on a group crappie which make it back and your key issue
 product where we donor have to have application we can get on a
 spreadsheet in wallet ambo a different secondarily while they're on a
 groupCappy their fully portable up say great and allot of the colonial and
 athletic program are available on individual platform there already
 require individual application individual underwriting generation and dad
 those I while they are group plan they have to have much higher never
 employees to offer enough credit guarantee a sheet and a few application
 spreadsheet role today definitely never be a point in are calling their
 police I might have all the paint each level I have coverage in electable
 on our active.


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