[Buildbot] #2822: Upload a buildbot-www package somewhere for development

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Tue Jun 17 12:14:17 UTC 2014

#2822: Upload a buildbot-www package somewhere for development
Reporter:  dustin  |      Owner:  dustin
    Type:  task    |     Status:  new
Priority:  major   |  Milestone:  systems
 Version:  master  |   Keywords:
 The RunningBuildbotWithVirtualEnv page recommends running {{{pip install
 buildbot-www}}} to get the www stuff without needing Node or NPM.
 However, that will only install the most recently uploaded version, which
 may lag behind the git master revision.

 We should have the metabuildbot upload every successful revision of
 buildbot-www to https://releases.buildbot.net and set up a symlink of some
 sort so that users can {{{pip install

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