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#2821: Cannot have multiple git steps
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 I am using multiple git repositories, some of which derive data from
 another. For instance, for a release, the changelog of the software is
 split into posts for the blog.

 Another use case is to make performance measurements, and to commit the
 result in a performance web site git.

 I would like to have:

 Git(repo=repo1, workdir = w2, mode = "copy")
 Git(repo=repo2, workdir = w2, mode = "copy")

 and then the ability to make
 ShellCommand(workdir = w2, command = "xxx %s" % w1" )

 so that build step scripts can work across repository boundaries.

 Currently, I am working these limitations around by using git submodules,
 which scripts will automatically update, since git has no means to track
 branches of other repos as submodules.

 To me, it would be cleaner, if these cross-repo scripts and builders were
 possible. Right now, I don't have an urgent need, as I believe submodules
 are workable, with the noise that the automatic submodule updates bring,
 it's not an optimal solution, and bears no flexibility. I cannot e.g.
 override from the outside the commit id values for these submodules.

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