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#2816: What is Big Data Files
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 High Tail (formerly YouSendIt) is perhaps something more familiar for
 exchanging large files. The iOS app launched in June 2011 and allows you
 to send large files. Formats in pdf, doc, docx, ppt, xls and tiff On the
 iPhone you can add text and images to documents and send them afterwards.
 The handy is that you can set. Example, a digital signature to a document.

 Users with a free account stuck to a limit of 250 MB per file, 2GB of
 storage space and 5 e-signatures. With a Pro account of € 14.99 per month
 or € 149.99 per year you will have unlimited storage and unlimited
 e-signatures. [http://hightail101.com/ Big Data Files] is also a more
 expensive account for teams. High Tail is more focused on business users
 and teams. Pros: reasonably current app, available on many platforms: Mac,
 Windows, Outlook, web and mobile. High Tail has received an investment
 from Western Digital, a well-known manufacturer of hard drives.

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