Buildbot 0.9.7 is out!

Pierre Tardy tardyp at
Wed May 10 13:05:56 UTC 2017

I am very happy to announce Buildbot 0.9.7

Another month, another release of Buildbot. We continue the stabilisation
and the road to 1.0 [1]. Console view did receive a few polishes thanks to
bug reports from the community. We now have a Janitor, which will help
older installations to maintain a sustainable database size. The Mail
Notifier got a big refactorization (Thanks Maciej!), which will allow
people to write more plugins for sending email and notifications through
notifications Saas companies like Pushover.
Of course lots of other bug fixes and small features from the community.
Details of the release notes is as usual available[2] for your review.

Thanks to our contributors!

git shortlog --no-merges -ns v0.9.7...v0.9.6
31 Pierre Tardy
20 Maciej Dems
5 Mike Alexeev
3 Krzysztof Nazarewski
2 Andrej Rode
2 Peter Wu
2 Robin Jarry
2 Steve Hoelzer
1 Yoann Ricordel
1 Thiago Perrotta
1 Unknown
1 Mostyn Bramley-Moore
1 Vit Ry

This month, I also had the pleasure to present Buildbot at Scality’s Releng
meetup[3]. The slides are available[4], as well as their sources[5]. I
encourage you to reuse and rework them to show Buildbot to your local
community. It is not only up to the core team to promote Buildbot. I think
it makes even more impact if it is promoted as well by its users. The more
there are Buildbot users, the more there are potential contributors and
community to improve the tools you are relying on to release top quality

I also continue to keep an eye on Buildbot telemetry server. We can see
there were 18 Python3 users for 0.9.5. That number raised to 96 for
Buildbot 0.9.6, controlling up to 16 workers. This is still a fraction of
the 2894 active Buildbot installs (more than one builder). 30 of them
having more than 50 workers. That is really cool to see people using
Buildbot Nine at scale.

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