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Mon Mar 20 16:29:58 UTC 2017

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I am very happy to announce the release of Buildbot 0.9.5.

This is a big milestone for Buildbot as this is the first official release
to support Python 3.
Thanks to Craig Rodrigues for his awesome work on this topic!
We are not aware of any bugs related to Python 3, but we cannot say the
beast saw the battlefield yet.
So please keep in mind that this is experimental support as of now.
Let us know if it does not work... Or if it is working for you, it's always
refreshing to hear from happy users.

If you look at the usual release notes (, you will see that
0.9.5 does not have that many bug fixes, but a number of new features, most

- It is now possible to create Dashboards using Flask instead of AngularJS
- There is now an experimental framework for managing secrets and passwords.
- You can now temporarily disable schedulers directly from the UI

Another big change for our project is the move to Github Issues ( for tracking our defects.
We are still using the venerable Trac to manage our wiki, but will probably
transition it as well soon.
Don't hesitate to create issues for discussing bugs, asking for new
features, or requesting advices for designing your new subsystem.

Here is as usual the list of our contributors for the month! Thanks a lot!

git shortlog --no-merges -nse v0.9.5...v0.9.4

   135  Craig Rodrigues
    63  Remy  Protat
    59  Pierre Tardy
    11  Sean Kelly
     8  Elliot Saba
     5  Andrej Rode
     5  Vladimir Rutsky
     3  Pavol Misik
     3  Vladimir Rutsky
     3  Sean Kelly
     2  Giuseppe Di Natale
     2  Sam Morris
     2  desurd
     1  Kai Germaschewski
     1  Pieter Lexis
     1  Brian Behlendorf
     1  Andrej Rode
     1  Iblis Lin
     1  Anish Bhatt
     1  Vit Ry
     1  remy protat
     1  Greg MacDonald
     1  Wainer S. Moschetta
     1  Wainer dos Santos Moschetta
     1  bmcorser
     1  Dustin J. Mitchell
     1  Paul David
     1  Brian Dolbec
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