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Wed Feb 8 14:20:15 UTC 2017

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I am very happy to announce the release of Buildbot 0.9.4.

January has been quite busy with a total of 511 non-merge commits for this

The majority of those commits are coming from Craig Rodrigues, who is doing
an awesome job at porting Twisted and Buildbot to Python 3. This is still a
work in progress, so we cannot quite announce Buildbot is ready for Python
3, but we can already say that 96.6% of the tests are passing. The
remaining last percents are usually not the easiest, but we can say we are
on the right path.

We also have a bunch of commits from Vladimir Rutsky, who finished the
slave to worker renaming transition (more on that in another blog post from

Then, most of the new features are coming on the UI side. As our has created its 100000th build, I added features in the
UI to help managing it. Faster UI when using lots of builders, better UI
for multi master, and managing lot of workers. Buildbot now uses JWT to
store its web UI sessions, which will help for multi master, and also avoid
users to reconnect after a master restart.

As Buildbot Nine is becoming more and more widely used, we also got a bunch
of fixes from our contributors, and we like this very much. Thank you for

The remaining bug fixes and smaller features, are as usual detailed in the
release notes.

Full Guide for Eight to Nine upgrade is located here:

Don’t forget to use the latest version of pip

    pip install -U pip

The packages are available on pypi

    pip install 'buildbot[bundle]==0.9.4'

Please continue the great move and adopt Buildbot Nine!

Here is the list of contributors for Buildbot 0.9.4, big thanks to all of

% git shortlog — no-merges -s -n -e v0.9.4…v0.9.3
 227 Craig Rodrigues
 184 Vladimir Rutsky
 70 Pierre Tardy
 17 Tom Prince
 3 Mike Gelfand
 2 David Desurmont
 2 Grzegorz Antoniak
 2 Anish Bhatt
 1 Dirk Vanden Boer
 1 Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez
 1 Fernando J Pando
 1 Dirk Vanden Boer
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