Buildbot 0.9.0 beta 9

Pierre Tardy tardyp at
Tue May 10 19:18:08 UTC 2016


I am very happy to announce the release of buildbot 0.9.0 beta 9.

Another month, another beta!

Right.. last time, I said the next release will be a rc. Unfortunately, we
did not have the chance to fix all remaining bugs

However, we had enough changes to deserve another intermediary release.

During this last month we continue to see early adopters contributing
improvements to our frameworks, we made progress polishing the webUI, and
we did a lot of tiny improvements to the buildbot-worker package.

This beta will be the first release of the buildbot-worker package. It is
not yet in its final form, we still need to transition to the new workerful

Please continue the great move and adopt buildbot nine!

As usual, you can find the release notes for complete list of what's new.

The UI demo server is available here:

Don't forget to use the latest version of pip
pip install -U pip

The packages are available on pypi, but as they are beta release, you have
to use the --pre option of pip.

pip install -U 'buildbot[bundle]==0.9.0b9' --pre
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